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Don't you wanna Dance
Say you wanna Dance (2021)

Don't you wanna Dance Say you wanna Dance (2021) reflects on the feelings and sensations that arises when being trapped, frozen and unable to move or act, a feeling made familiar to many due to numerous lockdowns and restrictions. Movements expressed in aliveness, but what if danger cannot be escaped from fleeing, sadness cannot be released with a wail or a scream, joyousness cannot be celebrated with a dance of excitement? 

DYWD is created as a PANIC! Bursary Project (The Tetley).

Installation and Video Artist: Tammy Tsang

A/V Artist: Connor Haynes (The Self)

Music: Tammy Tsang & Kieran West

Special thanks to Jenny Handley, Bella Probyn, Georgia Taylor Agilar, Mark Baker and the Tetley team for making the work possible.

About PANIC!

PANIC! Promoting an Artists' Network in the Crisis is led by artists, curators, organisations and individuals in Leeds City Region, who are working to create an artists' network in Leeds. Collectively, the network offers benefits through: platforming activities, sharing information, offering mentoring support and bursaries for practising artists.

Press feature: The Sunday Times Culture Show 

Digital Presentation : The Tetley

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