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People are Very Good and Very Bad (2019)


“...As the Sublime Trickles through the Universe’s Veins, we Wonder, eXplore, Yearn and Zoom out once again. When we zoom out we realise how small it becomes, so either none of it matters or all of it does.”

- An A-Z of Time and Space by Harry Baker


Commission by Northern School of Contemporary Dance 2nd year BA students.

Premiere Leeds Dec 2019

Choreographer and Lighting Designer: Barnaby Booth


Choreographic Assistant: Charlie Brittain


Performers / collaborators: Nora Ellevold Aas, George Bishop, Naomi Chockler, Alexander Gosmore, Kate Hooley, Isla Hurst, Niamh Keady, Alexandra McPherson, Elliot Mayne, Tammy Tsz Tsing Tsang

Music: Original music composed by Dodi Beteille; Heavenly Father by Bon Iver

Text: Where the Lost Things Go written and recited by Tammy Tsang; ‘Mirrors’ from SUM by David Eagleman, read by Agnes Luck Galpin


Rehearsal Director: Eric Assandri


Costume Designer: Melissa Burton

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