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SOUP (2021)

In collaboration with Amber Bosteels.


SOUP is a collage of fragmented memories, an act of remembering, reminiscing through sensing and feeling, by us and with you.

This research is framed with memories that revolve around the dining table, specifically the materiality of those memories, both materiality in the memory such as the texture and temperature of glass of water, and the materiality of our bodies, our neurons and synapses. After all, our nervous system cannot lie about how we remember those events, those electrons are embedded in us exercising dusty old patterns of vibrations with new cells. The dining table, for the both of us, is a place of conversations and community, a place full of senses and textures, a place of happiness, melancholy, dim but glowing, where we remember fondly of, that we yearn for.


SOUP is a tangible project in the form of a booklet, delivered to the receiver. The feeling of receiving something personal and loving through the post, like a hand-written letter, from him to her, from them to us, from me to you is something that brings us joy and such why we wanted to add this in SOUP.  It is a reminder that humans are involved in this creative process, in contrast to this highly technological, machine automated world. 

We hope that these fragments that we both related to can somehow resonate with the receiver, and as we zoom in and out of these memories we hope to invite the receiver to experience SOUP with us.

SOUP | Trailer

Early Morning / Late Night recipe
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